Rocky Mountain Premieres

Next week, March 29 and 30, I will be the featured composer at the fourth annual Open Space Festival of New Music at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. Previous composer recipients of this honor have been excellent electronic composer Paul Rudy, Christian Wolff, and French computer composer Jean-Claude Risset, so it’s difficult to imagine where this trajectory is going. They’re planning to perform my Olana for vibraphone, On Reading Emerson for piano, my mixed quartet Kierkegaard, Walking, Siren for five flutes, and my choral piece based on E.E. Cummings My father moved through dooms of love, along with Ives’s Calcium Light Night and works of Cardew and Cage, all my kind of people. If they can procure an 88-key MIDI keyboard, I may play a few microtonal works as well. Hope to see my northern Colorado readers there.


  1. Jim Dalton says

    Congrats on the premiers and the recognition! You certainly deserve it. Wish I could have been there.

    Quick question for you:

    What are you using to perform your microtonal keyboard works? I’ve been thinking of spending some tax-refund dollars on Pianoteq (the mid-priced version) and remember you mentioning it some time back.

    KG replies: Pianoteq is worth its weight in gold. Well, it doesn’t weigh anything, but it’s worth a lot. Buy it and I’ll tell you how to retune it, which I’ve only just learned.