Fallen Among Thieves

I had to change my e-mail address and web site location. I’ve been using Earthlink for 17 years, paying $62 a month (which I understand is rather high), and last month my rate jumped to $562 – that’s not a typo. So I challenged the charges and the bank got my money back, and, looking around the internet, I see that Earthlink has devolved into a gang of thieves: charging people for things not wanted, refusing cancellation, all kinds of stuff, and if you try to complain you’re talking to someone in India whose English you can hardly understand. So anyway, the web site will still be at kylegann.com, but I’m doing a redirect to Hostmonster, per my brother’s recommendation, so there may be some disruption of service. All mp3s hopefully running again soon. My new e-mail address is reachable via the “contact” link on the web site. UPDATE: If there’s any problem with the redirect, find my web page here. And please let me know of links not working.


  1. Eric Grunin says

    Wow, I thought it was just me – they did the EXACT same thing to my site last month, for the exact same amount ($500). I got my money back, but my site is still offline.

    Guess it’s time to move on…

    KG replies: What got me was, Mr. Mumbai magnanimously assured me that they would check the charges, and if they were indeed unjustified, I would receive a 90 percent refund in ten days. Can you imagine? They thought they could keep 10 percent of any mistake they made in their own favor.

  2. says

    Best value I have found is WordPress. With my domain name and 8 GBytes for mp3 files, I pay less than $50 per year. Their templates make website design easy and I have had zero issues in three years.

  3. says

    Good luck. I still have earthlink cable through Time Warner, but I finally got off my butt last fall and switched my web hosting with them to Just Host – so instead of $20/month, I paid about $45/year, unlimited band width, which includes them registering your domain, so that’s another $30 I don’t have to pay. I have too much on my site to go with Word Press, which I find wonky to work with. The only thing you’ll have to deal with is email using your domain name, which is what had held me back from changing for too many years. Again, good luck, it won’t be as difficult as you think.

  4. says

    Wow, I thought I was overpaying at about $55 over at Superb.net, but regardless, a few years ago I just got tired of running my own server and moved everything over to posterous.com (now owned by twitter) where I got everything I needed for free, and then just moved my domain handling over to dnsmadeeasy.com and gave my email handling over to the google apps. So my total costs now are about $20/year and I let other people worry about the software upgrades and battling the hacker-bots.