The Score So Far

Björk – 46
Voltaire – 317
Marlo Thomas – 73
Rene Magritte – 113
Friedrich Schleiermacher – 243
Goldie Hawn – 66
Coleman Hawkins – 107
Judith Shatin – 62
Kyle Gann – 56


  1. Ben Richter says

    Happy birthday, Kyle. You’re in fine company.

    KG replies: Yes, Marlo Thomas is my inspiration. Congrats on being the first to figure it out.

  2. says

    Happy day, sir!

    Thanks. I didn’t really mean to elicit greetings as much as to muse on the curious quasi-affinity of random folks one shares a birthday with. Whenever I see an item about Goldie Hawn, I imagine having some special insight into her, more than I would with, say, Winona Ryder. Which is silly – or maybe not?

  3. says

    Happy birthday! Have a scotch and write some music.

    I share a birthday with Poulenc, Charles Addams, and Roland Topor, which is fine with me. I envy you Voltaire, though; damn.

  4. says

    Happy Birthday! The “have a scotch and write some music” sounds good. The Magritte connection seems really right somehow. Great to realize you’re so young. Thanks again for keeping up the blog – always a thought provoking delight.

  5. Nen says

    Happy birthday ! I wouldn’t have thought of it otherwise, but the Schleiermacher connection might have something to it: “During a revolution, nothing but details can ever be separated out; and even these can hardly be discussed otherwise than in the form of controversy.”

    KG replies: I like it. And I love the random lists of names. Someone should write a piece….