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I will generally not use this blog as a forum to draw attention to other events, artists, or organizations, but this one is just too important. Sign up.

UPDATE: In fact, the following comment in reaction to a Times article about the UC Davis pepper spray incident is enough to make me return (temporarily) to blogging political:

The police use of violence to quash a peaceful protest serves one aim, and one aim only–to intimidate those on campus and off campus from engaging in lawful, peaceful protest throughout our cities. Living in Chapel Hill, over the past decade I have witnessed bonfires set in the middle of Franklin Street with thousands of students shutting down the street after a basketball victory over Duke, or NCAA championship. Each year, thousands of Duke students camp out in tents to secure basketball tickets for the big game against UNC. Police have never appeared in riot gear, never doused anyone in pepper spray, and to my knowledge never arrested any students. There is never any attempt to clear the tents from campus, or keep students off the street. Why? Because the powers that be have no opposition to the message being sent by the students after a basketball victory. Yet last week when squatters trespassed at an abandon Chapel Hill car dealership that has been vacant for almost a decade, the SWAT team showed up in riot gear with semi-automatic rifles pointed at the protesters.



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    I signed up just a few moments before reading your post, Kyle, having been invited by a musician friend in the EU. This is indeed too important. I’m waiting for the next Kent State, which is not far-fetched at all, I’m afraid.