The Woman Behind The Greatest Man

Nuts and bolts music history today. In my keynote address to the festival of Charles Ives's complete songs, I noted that nothing was known about Anne Timoney Collins, author of the poem on which Ives based his song "The Greatest Man," a poem printed in 1921 in the New York Evening Sun. Liner notes to recordings of this song give no information, or merely mention that she "flourished" in the 1920s. A couple of weeks ago, however, I was contacted by Anne Timoney Collins's god-daughter, and between her and her mother and the internet I've been … [Read more...]

Music Video from the Hearts of Space


On October 12, the same day I will be in Belgium giving my keynote address at the Third International Conference on Minimalist Music at the University of Leuven, John Sanborn's video to my piece The Planets (as recorded by the indomitable Relache ensemble) will premiere at the Mill Valley Film Festival at 6:45 at the Smith Rafael Film Center, San Rafael, CA. (Above, a still from "Uranus.") A second showing will occur Friday, Oct. 14, at 8:45. The 11-day festival draws 40,000 audience members, and I'm very excited by the opportunity to get one … [Read more...]