Warp Speed

Here's a MIDI version of a microtonal rag I just wrote for pianist Aron Kallay, a fantastic West Coast player who's specializing in microtonal MIDI piano performance. It's the second (and shorter) movement of a piece called Every Something Is an Echo of Nothing - the title, as some of you will recall, is a quotation from Cage's Silence. Aron will premiere it next summer - I tend to complete my commissions pretty early. And I made it virtuosic because he's got the chops, but it is humanly playable. Think of the piece next time someone claims … [Read more...]

Whither Us Minimalists?

[UPDATE BELOW] On October 12 the Third Annual Conference on Minimalist Music will open at the University of Leuven, Belgium, with my keynote address, "The Boredom of Eventfulness." (Louis Andriessen will present the other keynote address on the 14th.) One of the urgent topics during the conference, among us Society for Minimalist Music members, will be the proposed location for the Fourth Annual Conference, to take place in 2013. We agreed from the beginning to alternate conferences between Europe and America, but finding an American host … [Read more...]