Ha Ha, Made You Read

Quite a few years ago I found a packet of cocktail napkins with the image pictured below in a little house furnishings store in McKinney, Texas, where my mom lives. I had had some contact with Yoko Ono at the time, and had garnered quite a collection of her CDs, and it seemed like a hilarious idea to save these for just the right party, and hand them out to guests. It didn’t occur to me at the time that I don’t have any friends, and so parties aren’t a very regular event in my life, and so years later here they are, still in the original package. So what do I do with things that I can’t find any other use for? Post ’em on my blog.

It’s also an excuse to call attention to my new blog format, which came down from headquarters last week, and which puts a thumbnail of whatever image is in the post on the front page excerpt. Arts Journal Grand Vizier Douglas McLennan tells me that readers are five times as likely to click on a post if there’s an image attached. God, you guys are cheap. Like Pavlov’s dogs. I don’t take well to change except when I initiate it myself – I am given to impulsive total makeovers – but I’m glad one person has already found the new format friendlier. I’m going to miss the front-page differentiation among the sizes of the articles. I never liked the teaser-and-after-the-jump format. I’m proud to be one of the world’s most long-winded music bloggers, and when I post a 4500-word entry, I want the reader to glance down his screen at this Burj Khalifa of print and wax vertiginous. Only serious readers need apply. (It’s funny, I’m very populist about my music and completely elitist about my blog.) I have two kinds of posts, pretty much – brief comments and epic poems, and I’d prefer to have the distinction right out there, instead of a surprise. Oh well. Comments are a little easier to handle on WordPress, the software we switched to, and images certainly upload faster. We’ll see how it works out. In any case, at least I know how to make you click, you suggestible lab rats.


  1. says

    Nice design, Kyle-glad you’re now part of WordPress, so to speak. My only question is why not display the entire post on the main blog page? It does make the page more compact, but then one has to either go to a new page and back to home, or open each post in a new tab. It’s not a big deal for me, since i generally read your site on my RSS newsreader (Gruml) and the entire post is displayed. But it is nice not to have to click on yet another link just to read the entire post. Thoughts? But glad this is up and running with a better design.

    KG replies: Well I don’t know if I have that option. The dashboard for this site has dozens of controls that are still a mystery to me.

  2. mclaren says

    And if the pic is a pretty girl with cleavage, people are 100 times more likely to click through. All serious contemporary music CDs should feature pretty girls with lots of cleavage on the cover. Think Martin Denny’s Exotica LPs, but with Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji in the background.

    Like The Bad Plus’s version of “Semi-Simple Variations.”

    Are you listening, Nico Muhly? Chicks in disco cages! Go-go-boots! Cleavage! That’s the ticket.