One’s Offspring Affirming Chaos

You can’t hear my son Bernard say anything in this Revolver magazine interview with his black metal band Liturgy, but you can watch him look cool. He claims the things he said got edited out, but he’s kind of a quiet guy. Didn’t get it from me. I’m shy around people I don’t know, but I tend to blossom when you stick a microphone in my face.

Bernard Gann, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix


  1. Ernest says

    That’s very cool. I like your son’s band.
    I don’t know if you’ve mentioned it before, but what’s your take on metal, and it’s various subgenres?
    KG replies: Well, I’ve heard Liturgy’s first album. I like it. I play it at about half volume.

  2. says

    Bernard looks very cool and hip indeed. I remember when you had hair like that! And, during the interview he had the same expression on his face that his father gets when someone else is going on and on about romanticism and the like—sort of that “I-don’t-agree-but-I’m-too-pollite-to say-anything” look.
    I listened to the entire “Ecstatic Rite;” loved the tremolos but didn’t quite catch the lyrics.
    KG replies: Yeah, I thought that was that look too.

  3. says

    Fascinating! I bumped into a metal-musician acquaintance a few weeks ago and listened in as he and a fan chatted about the various metal sub-genres, about which I’m totally ignorant. My acquaintance excoriated black metal’s Satanism, fascism, and general misanthropy; and, listening to Ecstatic Rite, I could definitely imagine it being used for a rhetoric of negativity. But listening to Liturgy’s interview first, I definitely hear the ecstasy in your son’s music — which I also hear in related noisy jazz-related genres.