Please to Leave My Glass Alone

I just learned that the final movement of my Implausible Sketches for two pianos, “Don’t Touch My Pint,” received its world premiere in Belgrade on May 23, by students of pianist Nada Kolundzija. Other composers on the concert: Glass, Cowell, Cage, Reich, Ligeti, Pärt, Nyman, Dusan Bogdanovic, Marjan Mozetich, and Milos Raickovic. Nada had mentioned the possibility to me, but I had no idea it had happened. “Don’t Touch My Pint” is based throughout on a 5-against-4 rhythm, which explains the title. 

Um… the, uh British [oops!] Irish mnemonic device for 5-against-4 is “Don’t fucking touch my pint again!”


  1. says

    I knew upon first glance what that title referred to, because about six years ago Akie Bermiss taught it to me; Akie who had been, I think it’s safe to wager, taught by you, or at least under your chair-aegis.
    KG replies: Hey, Zach: glad you boys got a cosmopolitan influence in college.

  2. Bob Gilmore says

    Ahem! If I recall right I believe you learned that little mnemonic from me, and I got it from my erstwhile student Ciarán Maher, so let’s more accurately call it an Irish mnemonic. And it really must be fuckin’, not fucking.
    Look forward to hearing the piece!
    KG replies: I don’t often get called on the carpet by my musicological betters, but when I do I know when to fold. But I did hear it at Dartington, so there was a legitimate excuse for my mistaking its provenance.