Memorial Day Musing

I used to have an apartment in Queens, but I missed the grinding roar of power tools so much that I just had to move out to the country again.

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  1. michael Wittmann says

    Now, can you compose the rhythm and tones of the power tools into a piece, dedicated to Memorial Day? While, ironically, conveying the very Queens-ness of Queens? Just joking, I think…

  2. Richard Feit says

    I’m in the middle of this delicious work myself, (remember Grout indeed; all entree and precious little sauce), and dreaming about its availability on e-reader. Can you imagine packing the whole thing onto your Kindle or iPad, with sound files and hot-links to wallow in?
    Thanks much for your thoughts on it.
    KG replies: Attached to the wrong post, but well said.