Challenging Holst’s Musical Monopoly

Wow – Jay Batzner over at Sequenza 21 gave The Planets as insightful and complimentary a review (or are those the same thing?) as I ever expect to get. I especially appreciate: “I never feel as if I am receiving some grand and verbose lecture on How to Write Post-Minimal Music, even though this disc is a treasure trove of relationships and techniques.”


  1. Steve Baker says

    And if you ever make it onto the Daily Show, I’d cancel any plans I might have to see it.
    KG replies: I dunno what made him think of that. I’d be too nervous and overawed to make a peep.

  2. Daniel Rutkowski says

    Go Kyle! In a few years, when Holsts’s “Planets” are 100 years old, everyone will begin listening to Gann’s “Planets.”
    KG replies: And when mine are 10 years old, everyone will go back to listening to Holst’s, no doubt. :^D