A Rolling Stone…

This weekend I’ll be in Ottawa, Canada, for the conference of the Society for American Music. Sunday morning I’m chairing a panel on experimental music theater with respect to Cage and Berio. Then Monday I fly to Serbia, where I’ll be lecturing about my music and American music in general at the University of the Arts at Belgrade for a couple of weeks. I’m sure I’ll be blogging about that, and posting photos. Never been there before, but I have a bunch of Serbian musicologist friends I’ll be glad to see. 

Meanwhile, on Saturday of next week March 27 at 7:30, pianist Jane Harty will play some of my Private Dances at a Music Northwest concert (click on “Cutting Edge”), at Olympic Recital Hall in Seattle. Oksana Ezhokina and Robert Krupnick are other pianists on the program, playing works by John Adams, Feldman, Janice Giteck, Terry Riley, and Golijov. Sounds like a laid-back, Seattle-y program.


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    Looking forward to your posts from Serbia.
    Also on Saturday is a big Pauline Oliveros retrospective concert at Columbia honoring her Schuman Award, and Thurs-Sat is the Arvo Pärt – Music and Spirituality conference at BU. A great musical weekend around the globe.