BAM? Damn! Thank You, Mark

During my years at the Voice I would periodically opine that Brooklyn Academy of Music was the best place to perform in the country because they had the savviest, most interested audience one could ever wish for. Ever since 1981, when I saw Satyagraha there while coincidentally sitting in the balcony next to Steve Reich (to whom I didn’t reveal that I recognized him), I’ve considered it the Taj Mahal of the avant-garde. I never imagined that I was hip enough to ever have my music played there. But this afternoon a colleague mentioned having seen my name in the BAM brochure, and sure enough, the Mark Morris Dance Group is performing Mark’s dance Looky, with five of my Disklavier pieces as accompaniment, at BAM on February 23, 25, 26, and 27. (The photo on the BAM page is from an earlier performance of the piece.) And the only other music on the program is Erik Satie’s Socrate, the masterpiece of one of my most kindred spirits. I’ve never been so impressed with myself. I’ve been trying to think of a gig I’d be more honored by, and I can’t think of one.

And if Mark Morris’s first name had been Sam, this would have been a hell of a blog entry title.


  1. Ernest Ambrus says

    No one from the show, or the group let you know? Damn.
    KG replies: BAM wanted it to be a surprise. I do like that they can go around and perform it, “live,” even, without me lifting a finger.

  2. Steve says

    Congratulations! I’ll have to see if i can slip away from the confines of Hofstra University to check this out.

  3. Bob Gilmore says

    Rock on Kyle, wish I could see it.
    Boy, that’s interesting that Steve Reich saw Satyagraha. I’ve always wondered how much of each other’s music those two knew since their falling out. I mean, has Glass ever seen The Cave or Three Tales? Has Reich ever heard Glass’s Violin Concerto or The Voyage?
    Even though I think blogging is generally a waste of time I’m really glad you’re back occasionally. As we say in Ireland, do your thing, and fuck the begrudgers.

  4. jeff anderson says

    you young firebrand, you
    KG replies: I do seem a little old for “Next Wave.” But BAM’s “Next Wave” concerts quit moving on to younger composers after Zorn in 1986.