Kierkegaard, Strolling through Toronto

Kierkegaard, Walking is one of my favorite of my works; I look through the score and get a smile from every measure. My former student Max Scheinin, a violinist, has arranged a performance of it for this Wednesday, Nov. 11, at 7:30 PM at St. Anne’s Anglican Church in Toronto, 270 Gladstone Ave. The other performers are Jamie Thompson, flute; Camilo Davila, clarinet; and Lucas Tensen, cello. Other composers on the program include Bernstein, Bach, and Nils Vigeland, a superb composer who worked closely with Feldman as part of the Creative Associates in Buffalo, and with whom I haven’t been in touch in years. Thanks, Max!

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  1. says

    Thanks for the plug, Kyle! We’re really looking forward to performing your Kierkegaard, Walking later this week, such a sublime work. It should sound particularly evocative in the domed sanctuary of St. Anne’s! Cheers, Jamie

  2. Jonathan says

    Hi Kyle, I’m a student of Dr. Vigeland’s at MSM. It’s good to see his work getting played! Dr. V is much loved by the students and faculty here, and I think that it’s thanks to his talent that MSM has such a good, diverse composition department.

  3. Richard says

    Hey Kyle.
    Are you a Kierkegaard fan? I’m something of a
    kierkegaardian existentialist myself. As a teen I discovered Kiekegaard and Ives, and they have influenced me ever since. I was a very weird youngster.
    KG replies: Sure, Richard, I spent a year of college reading nothing but Kierkegaard, and eventually went through about half his books. When I went to Copenhagen I wrote a series of posts about walking in his footsteps: