1. says

    I kid you not. My first guess was Prelude 1 played at super speed in different keys.
    KG replies: I wish I had promised a box of Padron cigars to the guesser of the secret, so I could send it to you.

  2. Luk says

    gone over to the side of new complexity, Kyle ? 😉
    KG replies: Hey, there’s always been a lot of complexity in my music – the fun kind, not the anal kind.

  3. says

    So that’s why they call it “Quicktime.”
    A couple of days ago, I Twittered, “the experience of accidentally starting up multiple YouTube tabs may be the great ‘found music’ development of our time.” This after accidentally starting up two tabs of a “La Campanella” video at once.
    Here’s the “John Oswaldian” canon that resulted.
    And, a few days before, four simultaneous sopranos in a Ned Rorem quartet:

  4. says

    My first reaction was that I thought I heard a snippet of the Star-spangled Banner at the very end (mi-re-do, then an octave drop to mi) – kind of like hearing the Marseillaise echoed at the end of “Feux d’artifice.”