You Can Judge This Book by It

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I got a big laugh out of Yale UP’s jacket design for my Cage book (pictured). It’s David Tudor’s 1989 reconstruction of the original (but lost) score to 4’33”. There have been so many delays on this book I had quit feeling like it was ever going to come out, but this makes it seem real again. 
We went to see Julia and Julie (or vice versa) the other night. Didn’t realize half of it was about someone struggling with her blog, the other half about someone struggling to get a book out. Hey, Hollywood! – I go to the movies to escape.


  1. says

    Any idea when *we* will see this book?
    KG replies: If you’ll keep me apprised of what children you have and their post-college addresses, I’ll see to it that my son or grandchildren sends a copy to your heirs after I’m gone.

  2. says

    No copyright problems with Tudor’s transcription?
    KG replies: Copyright to the Tudor archives – as it turned out after a months-long runaround from the Getty Museum – is owned by Performing Arts Services, which is run by Mimi Johnson, wife of – Robert Ashley. Once I’d finally ascertained that, it was a cinch.

  3. Samuel Vriezen says

    Amazon should offer its customers a “Willing List” in addition to a “Shopping List”, then.
    My family line is avidly looking forward to the book!