I’m a Little Slow

Dave Seidel, who makes some of gentlest and most natural-sounding purely-tuned music around (sort of in the Eliane Radigue/Phill Niblock vein but with even softer edges, kind of happier), has a beautiful new album on the web called Elementals. I was about to write him and say it’s too bad I don’t have an internet radio station anymore, or those would go right on it. Then I had a thought. “Wait a minute!,” I said to myself. “If only I possessed some means of communication with other new-music lovers, I could alert them and they could listen to the music themselves, without me as intermediary!” Brilliant, and only my second cup of coffee. Enjoy Elementals.


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    Thanks, Kyle!
    KG replies: Thanks for writing such great stuff. I’d like to know more about how you do it someday. (And thanks for posts to the JI list that don’t start with the word “dekany.”)

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    Thank you for pointing this out. I was delighted to see that it’s on the netlabel Stasisfield, which has also released some other albums I’ve enjoyed, like Peter Koniuto’s Past Andromeda.

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    Sincere thanks, everybody.
    For those who are interested, there is a page for each of these pieces on my own site, where I go into some detail about how they are put together — sometimes too much details, sometime perhaps not enough. Questions are welcome, please feel free to comment or write me.
    Also (hint hint) there is a place to add your own review of Elementals if you wish: http://www.earlabs.org/release/titledetailPOP.asp?titleID=5244.
    KG replies: I had actually looked for the information pages and couldn’t find them, but I went back and found them now. As my headline says….