Roll Over, Holst

I’ll be on the road and in the air all week, first Philadelphia and then Chicago. Thursday night, as the above poster indicates, will be the culmination of a 15-year dream – though the official premiere of all ten movements won’t come until September. The Planetarium has arranged some awesome-sounding outer-space video to accompany my pieces. Sarah Cahill nudges me that I missed mentioning two recent performances: on May 8 she played my War Is Just a Racket again among the works in her “A Sweeter Music” project on the Wayward Music Series at the Chapel Performance Space in Seattle; and Aron Kallay played some of my microtonal keyboard works at the May 10 Microfest at Pomona College. Even though after the fact, I list them here because, as I’ve said before, when I come to redo my resumé this is the easiest place for me to keep track of my goings-on. Late April and early May are so hectic at Bard, with lots of 14-hour school days, student concerts, student boards, and student crises, that the rest of the world usually slips out of my grasp for awhile. It’s great to have it all over. Sitting on my porch in the world’s most beautiful weather, I lurched back into composing almost without realizing it.


  1. kraig Grady says

    I just want to know if you included Pluto or not. This could be dangerous.
    KG replies: Of course, as well as the Sun and Moon. The players say the Pluto movement nearly exhausts their endurance, which means I captured it perfectly.

  2. kraig Grady says

    That makes me very happy in ways you cannot imagine. I bet Dane Rudhyar is blessing your natal Sabian symbol right now too. I have a thing for what they call a ‘centaur’ (in between planet and asteroid) Chiron.
    KG replies: An astrologer friend recently convinced me to take Chiron seriously. I’d love to write a movement for it, but just don’t understand how it works well enough. I could use a blessing from Rudhyar. Why didn’t he write a Planets?

  3. says

    Great to hear!
    KG replies: Yeah, Adam, we were looking through your handiwork today (Adam entered the older movements into Sibelius for me). Found a wrong note in “Moon,” otherwise great!