Renske Descends Upon Annandale

The young Dutch composer Renske Vrolijk (young relative to me, anyway) is in New York this week, and she’s making an appearance at Bard College this Thursday. She’s the composer of the delightful cantata based on the wreck of the Hindenburg, titled Charlie, Charlie, which I wrote about from Amsterdam a couple of years ago. She’ll play her music and show video examples at 4 PM in the Blum music building at Bard, room 217. She’s a fabulous composer, somewhat at odds with the ironic, Stravinskian idiom that all Dutch composers are expected to write in, and I hope she’ll tell the story about the time John Adams admitted that he stole an idea from a piece of hers. 


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    I am a big Adams fan, but I do have to admit he seems quite fond of borrowing/stealing bits from other people. That ditsy aria from Klinghoffer sung by the British dancing girl sounds really like something Daniel Lentz may have written. Really like it.