Online Articles Lost to Memory

Chicago critic Marc Geelhoed nicely noted my upcoming return to Chicago, and in so doing, noted that some eleven of my articles for the Chicago Reader, starting from 1987, are available online. I had no idea. In fact, I’d forgotten that I continued writing for the Reader so long after I joined the Village Voice, up through spring 1989 – just three months before I left Chicago for good. I’ve linked the available articles from my web site (scroll down a little, the titles are in green) – interviews with Harold Budd, Peter Gena, Elodie Lauten, Nicolas Collins, Henry Gwiazda, Neil Rolnick, and others. Not of much interest to others after 20-odd years, but the Reader always makes me sentimental. In some ways I always thought it was the best organization I ever worked for, and my editor there, Pat Clinton, was a saint. 


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    Haha. I left the journalism world for arts management about a year ago, to man the helm of the Chicago Symphony’s in-house record label. I’m a mere amateur critic and bloggeur these days. Thanks for the mention just the same!
    The Reader‘s fine writer and online editor Whet Moser also picked up your appearance:
    KG replies: Well, I hope you can make it to the lecture, so we can have a drink afterwards. And maybe you can put a word in the CSO’s ear to record some orchestral works of mine. (Oh wait – it was Georg Solti who proclaimed, “The Chicago Symphony cannot be used for an experiment!”)