Good Political Quote I Hadn’t Seen

“When I hear gentlemen say that politics ought to let business alone, I feel like inviting them to first consider whether business is letting politics alone.”

– Woodrow Wilson


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    Specific businesses (special interests) don’t want politics to let business alone. That’s the last thing they want. These are the very businesses that are interfering in politics. And they’re doing it to get an unfair advantage over competition. Professional licensing administered by government, for example, increases the overhead and initial investment required for newcomers to compete with the established businesses who convinced the government to impose said licensing.
    They call this rent-seeking. When the government makes an unfair advantage possible in business, businesses will line up in droves to get theirs. Otherwise they’ll fall behind the competition and eventually get squeezed out. Political interference in business makes it impossible for a given business to not interfere in politics.
    Business interference in politics exists because of and to promote political interference in business. We can’t have one without the other, and having neither is preferable to both running rampant. That is why a gentleman says that politics ought to let business alone.
    Note that this quote was from a politician. The nature of his profession requires ceaseless justification for more power.

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    Ah yes, professional licensing. For a shitty example, check this. In a county I heard of, new septic tank & drainfield regulations require annual inspections of every septic system in the county. Think that will take a lot of government manpower? Think licensed inspectors will just pop up on the county’s payroll? Doubtful… actually in a creative bit of public-private partnership, this particular county is now licensing private citizens to do the inspections. Who might have the expertise and incentive to take the class and pass the licensing exam? Think about that for a minute… yeah. Septic tank contractors. Scuse me, what’s that smell? Must be my inspector conveniently handing me a contract for repairing my drainfield.
    Reminds me of a very long joke about a guy trying to sell toothbrushes who finally made a mint by giving out free shit sandwiches. The punchline went something like “Aack! tastes like shit…” “It is! Wanna buy a toothbrush?”