Gannian AIFFs on Plastic Alert

Two recording projects I was excited about got delayed for a year for economic reasons (and this was before the crash), but they’re now back on track. 

First, on Thursday, May 28, at 7 PM, the Relache ensemble will give a partial performance of my The Planets at Fels Auditorium in Philadelphia (222 N. 20th St., 215-448-1254). They’ll play the six planets we hadn’t recorded yet: Uranus, Mercury, Moon, Venus, Saturn, Pluto. It’s in conjunction – to use the astrological term – with the Planetarium’s exhibit, “Galileo, the Medici, and the Age of Astronomy.” Yes, the Planetarium knows my piece is about astrology, and they don’t care. Then in June we’ll finish recording all ten movements (not nine as per the press release), and the CD will appear on the Meyer Media label in time for the complete world premiere in September. 
Just as exciting, the Orkest de Volharding has recorded Sunken City, my concerto for piano and winds, for an upcoming two-CD set on Mode, with soloist Geoffrey Douglas Madge. (I keep running into Americans who haven’t heard of Madge, but he recorded the complete Busoni piano music, 6 discs’s worth, for Philips, and played Sorabji’s five-hour Opus Clavicembalisticum back when no one’d ever heard of it. He’s a very big deal in Europe and among record collectors here, and a lovely gentleman.) Other pieces on this two-CD set supposedly will include In C, Steve Reich’s City Life, John Adams’s Short Ride in a Fast Machine, David Lang’s Street, and Louis Andriessen’s Worker’s Union. I’ll keep you apprised of the release date. 
That’ll be another 100 minutes’ worth of my music sent out into the world. Based on my experience of previous CD releases, I’m all poised for my life to continue pretty much as it did before. But very grateful to the performers.


  1. says

    Kyle: Please make sure that Meyer Media and Mode send me copies for broadcast. I’d love to be the first on the planet to air these on the radio.
    KG replies: You got it. Thanks for your ongoing support.

  2. Rodney Lister says

    Well, of course, your life may not be changed, but ours will–for the better. Can’t wait. (Maybe I’ll be able to get copies of these to review).
    KG replies: Thanks, Rodney, that’s a nice way to look at it, and I’ll try.

  3. says

    That music on the Madge is some of my favorite music ever – a real steal at whatever they charge. Taking “City Life,” as an example – not really heard anymore, but equally as good as anything he’s written. At least I haven’t heard it lately.