Deafening Growls of a Composer’s Son

I’m not initiated into the MySpace phenomenon, and have no MySpace page nor any wish to have one. But it has finally dawned on me that my son’s “black metal” band Liturgy has one. They have a CD coming out this fall – with accompanying vinyl 12-inch – on the label 20 Buck Spin, which is apparently a big deal in black metal terms. (Larger or smaller than “new-music” terms? I wonder.) If you watch the video at the bottom of their page, Bernard is the guitarist in the white shirt. I think maybe I shouldn’t have played those Borbetomagus records for him when he was 3.

UPDATE: I call Liturgy “my son’s band,” but I ought to note that the band was founded solo by his long-time friend Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, and Bernard just joined this year. The drummer, Greg Fox, was a Bard student as well; I served on his impressive senior board. Brooklyn boasts enough recent Bard graduates to people a small city.


  1. John Kennedy says

    You should be a proud papa! Maybe Branca concerts and some of Charles Wood’s wall of sound pieces had subliminal influence.
    KG replies: Oh, you’d better believe I am. I took Bernard to hear Branca’s 11th symphony at the WTC in 2001, a couple of weeks before 9/11. And Bernard still talks frequently, to this day, about Chuck’s piece for a quartet knocking rocks together.

  2. Thomas Hogan says

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, or whatever the saying is.
    The vocals are particularly memorable on this cut. But why vinyl? Personally, I like the sound of much classical music as recorded on vinyl, but don’t know why I do.

  3. says

    hey kyle!
    my friend just forwarded me this post, i had to say hi. come out to one of our shows soon! it would be great to see you. and thanks for mentioning us! i’m not sure if I know what black metal is either…

  4. says

    20 Buck Spin has an excellent reputation in the underground metal scene. I recommend checking out the band Coffins; their 2008 album Buried Death was one of my favorite releases of that year.