Billy Schuman Celebrated

My review of American Muse, Joseph Polisi’s biography of William Schuman, is just out (after some delays) in Symphony magazine. The book is a solid and detailed summary of Schuman’s life as administrator of Juilliard and Lincoln Center, but I found it a little lacking in appreciation of, and insight into, Schuman’s career as a brilliant symphonist. A couple of week ago I noticed Lincoln Center had posters up advertising the book, so I’m glad he and it are getting some attention. Polisi, of course, is president of Juilliard and holds the post Schuman long occupied. We still, I think, need a book on Schuman by a composer, or at least by someone who relishes the music as much as I do, but Polisi’s is well worth reading.

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  1. says

    I believe Steve Swayne, at Dartmouth, is working on a Schuman bio.
    KG replies: Great, I’ll look for it.