Not a Joke, the Date Notwithstanding

Life has been too hectic lately (in mostly good ways) to be attentive to my own PR. I do have a performance tonight, and a local one. The Da Capo ensemble gives their “Celebrate Bard” concert tonight (I affectionately call it “Calibrate Bard,” on the rationale that it shows us how we’re doing), at 8 PM in Olin Auditorium on campus. The program is as follows:

John Boggs ’09 ~ This Estranged Land
Cameron Bossert ’06 ~ Celeritas
Brian Fennelly ~ Sock Monkeys
Kyle Gann ~ Kierkegaard, Walking
Casey Hale ’02 ~ of Another
Joan Tower ~ Amazon

Boggs is a current student, Bossert and Hale are former students, and the rest of us, of course, are legends. [OK, maybe that was a joke.]


  1. Paul says

    Certainly all the work’s titles are legends, either metaphorically or literally. But I grasp at straws.