Where It’s Warm Enough to Move One’s Fingers

Tomorrow night at 8, Wednesday, March 25, pianist Justin Kolb will play some of my Private Dances along with Beethoven’s Appassionata Sonata at the PHCC Performing Arts Centre in New Port Richey, Florida. Also on the program are pieces by Victoria Bond and Stella Sung, as well as some Liszt arrangements of Mendelssohn songs and Bernstein’s piano-ization of Copland’s El Salon Mexico. It’s not often I find myself in such company. Justin, with whom I’ve carried on a lively correspondence, will repeat my pieces April 20 at Symphony Space in New York City; I’ll give details closer to the performance. 

As the thermometer sits here intransigently below freezing on this deceptively gorgeous-looking late-March day, I wish I had followed my music to Florida.


  1. Kyle Lynch says

    I live not too far from New Port Richey. I was excited to see that your music was being performed in my backyard. We really don’t get too much contemporary music down here. I would love to go, but alas! I have a gig at the same time. Bills need to be paid somehow.