Theories of Minimalism Still Welcome

This might be a timely moment to reiterate that the deadline for submissions to the second international conference on minimalist music, which is being held at the University of Missouri at Kansas City September 2-6, is January 31. We’re prepared for more papers than we’ve received so far, so if you’re interested, give us a try. We’ve gotten almost no papers from Europe yet, but it was our European colleagues who asked to have the date extended, so maybe their proposals will all arrive at the last minute. We’re honoring Charlemagne Palestine, Tom Johnson, and Mikel Rouse, and the barbecue’s going to be to die for. E-mail your proposals to me ( and David McIntire ( The economy’s making the money hard to come by, but as I told David: “We’re minimalists – if we can’t hold a conference in this economy, nobody can.”