My Back Yard in Autumn

One of the more anti-American parts of the country:

UPDATE: I keep glancing at this and thinking it’s my post on the Hudson Valley painters. I wonder why.


  1. Ernest says

    I hear from fair and balanced sources that Dutchess County is part of ‘fake america’. Who knew?
    KG replies: And while Dutchess county went for Bush in 2004, Columbia County, where I live and even more rural, went for Kerry.

  2. Paul H. Muller says

    I’m looking at that and thinking…. how is he gonna rake up all the leaves?
    Here in SoCal, everything is brown, combustible and mostly dead.
    No yardwork for me!
    KG replies: I have a consistent philosophy toward yard work and home maintenance in general. In the amount of time it would take me to fix a gutter, or mow a lawn, or paint a deck, I could write an article that will bring in enough money to pay someone else to do said job. They’ll do it better, and I’ll have another article published.