I Do Love a Good Piece of Writing

Off topic, I realize, but this Palin article by Matt Taibbi from Rolling Stone is too entertaining not to share:

Here’s the thing about Americans. You can send their kids off by the thousands to get their balls blown off in foreign lands for no reason at all, saddle them with billions in debt year after congressional year while they spend their winters cheerfully watching game shows and football, pull the rug out from under their mortgages, and leave them living off their credit cards and their Wal-Mart salaries while you move their jobs to China and Bangalore.

And none of it matters, so long as you remember a few months before Election Day to offer them a two-bit caricature culled from some cutting-room-floor episode of Roseanne as part of your presidential ticket. And if she’s a good enough likeness of a loudmouthed Middle American archetype, as Sarah Palin is, John Q. Public will drop his giant-size bag of Doritos in gratitude, wipe the Sizzlin’ Picante dust from his lips and rush to the booth to vote for her. Not because it makes sense, or because it has a chance of improving his life or anyone else’s, but simply because it appeals to the low-humming narcissism that substitutes for his personality, because the image on TV reminds him of the mean, brainless slob he sees in the mirror every morning.

And again:

We’re used to seeing such blatant cultural caricaturing in our politicians. But Sarah Palin is something new. She’s all caricature. As the candidate of a party whose positions on individual issues are poll losers almost across the board, her shtick is not even designed to sell a line of policies. It’s just designed to sell her.

And as a public service announcement, some much-needed publicity for the Alaska Secessionist Movement


  1. says

    The desperation of the McCain/Palin campaign is evident. Palin asks “Who is Barack Obama? What do we know about him”. Ironically, she’s only been known for about 5 weeks now, while Obama has been campaigning for 2 years!
    They don’t even know what they’re saying!

  2. mclaren says

    The Repubs really picked the wrong horse to bet on when they chose Palin. Here’s David Brooks (David freakin’ Brooks, fer cripes sake, a pundit so far right he’d pen praises for Vlad the Impaler if the guy ran as a GOP candidate) explaining why “Sarah Palin is a cancer on the Republican party”:
    But wait…it gets worse.
    Sarah Palin: The Living Embodiment of Everything that has Gone Wrong In America For the Last 35 Years.
    Sarah is sounding more and more like she is campaigning in Germany 1933 for the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei rather than Grand Old Party in America 2008.
    She laments the “filter of the mainstream media” has held her back from talking about the issues.
    When was the last time we heard about a Republican complaining that that “the filter of the mainstream media” prevents them from speaking directly to the American people…?
    Oh. Right. When Republicans warned us about Saddam’s alleged WMDs in 2002 and 2003.
    The analogy to Germany in the 1930s isn’t just empty talk. As the McCain-Palin ticket continues to plummet in the polls, Palin’s supporters scream obscenities at the press, cry “Kill him!” when Palin mentions Obama.
    In Clearwater, arriving reporters were greeted with shouts and taunts by the crowd of about 3,000. Palin then went on to blame Katie Couric’s questions for her “less-than-successful interview with kinda mainstream media.” At that, Palin supporters turned on reporters in the press area, waving thunder sticks and shouting abuse. Others hurled obscenities at a camera crew. One Palin supporter shouted a racial epithet at an African American sound man for a network and told him, “Sit down, boy.””
    They’re becoming a lynch mob.
    This is dangerous and I’m a little afraid. Don’t underestimate the ignorance of the wingnut supporters. First it is one person yelling “Kill him.” Then another yelling that Obama is a terrorist. Where does that lead? Mobs of angry wingnuts looking for violence? (..)
    The shocked look on McCain’s face yesterday when that person in the crowd yelled he’s “a terrorist” said it all. He recoiled as if he never expected to hear something like that. It was the look of a guy who just realized that he might have just gone to a dark place he didn’t want to go to.
    (..) I’m concerned about what comes next. I think that McCain and Palin may be knowingly or unknowingly becoming the leaders of a fear-mongering, racist, verbally-threatening mob and it’s up to them to rein this thing back in before they become the leaders of something disturbing.
    Shorter Sarah Palin
    Hold on, though — it gets even worse for the Repubs.
    Pitbull Palin Mauls McCain.
    The Dumbing Down of the GOP
    Palin’s Alternate Universe
    Rich Lowry expresses the GOP’s infatuation with Palin and gets smacked down hard: “Modern American conservatives have sunk to the intellectual and emotional level of the guy who thinks the stripper really likes him.
    Even the right-wing editor of The American Conservative magazine offers these choice words on Sarah Palin:
    “Having found that conservatives trusted in Mr. Bush’s competence for less-than-substantive reasons, [conservative editor Conor Friedersdorf] foolishly noticed that they were doing the same thing all over again with Palin and considered this very undesirable for conservatives, and then he made the blunder of saying out loud what he and everyone else could see as plain as day.
    “Austin Bramwell outlined the process of enforcement pretty effectively a couple years ago in TAC:
    At the same time, to rise in the [conservative] movement, one must develop a habitual obliviousness to truth, or what Orwell labeled “doublethinking.” Anyone who expresses too vociferously too many of the following opinions, for example, cannot expect to make a career in the movement: that the Soviet Union was not the threat that anti-communists made it out to be, that the current tax system discriminates in favor of the very wealthy, that the Bush administration was wrong about the Iraq invasion in nearly every respect… If you do not reject these opinions or at least keep quiet, you are not a movement conservative and will be treated accordingly.
    “Add to this list the claim that Sarah Palin is not qualified to be President, and the reaction to [this statement of obvious fact] fits the pattern.”
    What Palin Tells Us About the GOP
    Tagline: Palin is the aroma that rises from the corpse of American conservatism. And they find it invigorating.
    But the coup de grace gets administered by former conservative John Cole:
    What planet are you all on? The wingnuts are in love. They see a new marketing opportunity, and that is what they need. Their only real principle is cutting taxes, so marketing is really all they have anymore. There is a reason McCain is not running on the issues- Republicans get killed on them.
    Thus, the never-ending authenticity/folks you wanna have a beer with/gosh darn it idiocy. If McCain/Palin loses, there is no way she is over unless she is thrown out of office in Alaska, and even then it might not matter. Even then, the Republicans will spend a couple million, rehabilitate her, and think nothing of propping her up for a 2012 run. For christ sakes- Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay are on my tv almost every night and Ted Stevens is running for another term. The only conservatives with actual ideas are folks like Daniel Larison, and they have been kicked out of the tribe.

    Again, these guys don’t ever apologize or take responsibility for anything. A multi-trillion dollar economic meltdown — Barney Frank’s fault, doncha know — he insisted those CRA loans go to black people. Eight years of failed leadership under Bush- just shows we were not conservative enough! Plus, the liberal media had it in for us. Disaster in Iraq- not our fault. We were winning, but the Defeatocrats in Congress just refused to admit it. McCain losing in a landslide in 2008- no indictment of Republicans, they just ran a bad campaign and the media was in the tank. Blown budget and doubling of the national debt- not our fault, those damned moderates and the Democrats did it.
    Palin won’t be done if they lose. Republicans never are done. They never admit fault. They never accept blame. They just move the goalposts, figure out a few new code words to work people into a froth, and get their hate on. Palin lying, being an incompetent boob, being incurious, being little more than a bot programmed to spew out talking points- that is what they want. She can deliver the lines, has no problem with lying, and gives Rich Lowry a boner. She is the full package. The only thing that matters is pissing liberals off and obtaining power. Period. That is just how they fucking roll.
    You want Palin done after this, you need to work your ass off helping her primary challengers. Never let up. Never give in. Call her a liar every day, because she is.
    She will not be gone, nor will any of the Republican farm team, until you hunt them down, drive a stake through their hearts, and then bury them in a tomb of garlic.

  3. Paul H. Muller says

    Well the answer is obvious isn’t it: we sell Alaska to China to pay for the big bank bailout.
    The Chinese get some much-needed oil and real estate, and the secessionists get their wish to be out of the United States.
    Everybody wins!
    KG replies: I’ll second the motion, and throw in Texas.