Downtown Descends on Annandale

There used to be a town called Annandale-on-Hudson where Bard College is, but the school has pretty much devoured it; only about three non-college houses remain. Here are some of the new-music personalities who crowded around tonight. First, Stephen Scott of bowed piano fame, upstate postminimalist composer Mary Jane Leach partaking of the fest’s official Magic Hat beer, and in the background my son Bernard wearing the official New Albion festival T-shirt (temperature tonight wasn’t much above 55):

Leach again, composer Ingram Marshall whose lovely Fog Tropes opened tonight’s concert, and Ellen Fullman, who’s installing her long (55-foot) stringed instrument in the Fisher Center (assisted by my son):
Composer Martin Bresnick, pianist Lisa Moore, and, insufficiently pictured festival director Foster Reed, from whom all blessings here have flowed: