Dunno Why They Read Me, I’m Being as Esoteric as I Can

Two years ago when Scott Spiegelberg started his Technorati-based ranking of classical music blogs, PostClassic came in at number 5. Last year I was down to number 8. This year, I’m back at number 5 again. Blogs come, and blogs go, but ol’ Gann just keeps hangin’ in there.

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  1. Richard Mitnick says

    Thanks for “Sites to See”. I already had your Live365 stream, along with Iridian, and Counterstream (AMC). But is was great yo get a link to Alex Ross.
    I have every single print text and audio file from American Mavericks on three hard drives.
    I think that you might consider putting in a link of two for Philip Blackburn and the American Composers’ Forum’s Innova.mu.
    Thanks for everything that you do.
    Richard S. Mitnick
    Highland Park, NJ
    KG replies: And thank you, even more. Those links off to the right here are kind of a nuisance to put up, but I’ll try.