Le typesetter, c’est moi

Montréal’s Voir magazine features an interview with me in French in advance of the premiere of my electric guitar quartet tomorrow night. It’s by Réjean Beacage, described by local composer/entrepreneur Tim Brady as “the last important new-music critic left standing in Montréal.” I can read French except for the verbs, so the description of me looks accurate, but I can’t tell what he says I’m doing. The photo is more than a decade old. The interview got off to a funnier start than he seemed to expect. He asked me if it was a difficult job being an advocate for new American music, and I replied, “Well, in a way it’s easy, because there’s damn little competition.”  

I love the French word for composer, compositeur, because when you run it through a translation program it comes out “typesetter,” compositor. I’ve perused many a web bio with statements like, “Guillaume Connesson is typesetter-in-residence for the National Orchestra of the Loire.”