An Embarrassment of Too Many Pianos

My music has two performances this weekend. The first is a multiple-piano concert Friday, April 11, at 8 at the College of Fine Arts Concert Hall at Boston University. Pianists Rodney Lister, David Kopp, and Ketty Nez will play my 1981 piece Long Night, in an intriguing-looking program that also includes Arthur Berger’s Polyphony, Ingolf Dahl’s The Fancy Blue Devil’s Breakdown, and Rodney’s own Detour

Saturday evening at 7:30, Kate Ryder is giving a recital of toy piano works at the Space Enterprise Festival in London, at 269 Westferry Road. She’ll play my Paris Intermezzo (1989) along with pieces by John Cage, Stephen Montague, Roger Redgate, Errollyn Wallen, Yumi Hara Cawkwell, Simon Katan, Catherine Kontz and John Lely, the last four being premieres. She promises music boxes and shadow puppets, too. 


  1. Rodney Lister says

    Thanks for mentioning.
    Actually the pianists are David Kopp, Ketty Nez, and me. Steve is joining us for the Dahl, and also playing in my piece.