Why 840 Times? I Don’t Know.

This YouTube video of a young John Cale playing Satie’s Vexations on the TV show I’ve Got a Secret is indicative of a time when our civilization was very, very different than it is now. I don’t remember this episode, but I well remember watching I’ve Got a Secret when I was a kid, and I remember Garry Moore. (Thanks to Alex Martell for the tip.)


  1. Rodney Lister says

    I remember seeing it, but over the years I had (confidently)changed John Cale to John Cage. Cage was on another I’ve Got a Secret playing a piece of his.

  2. Dan Schmidt says

    If you haven’t seen it already, I’m sure you’d enjoy John Cage’s appearance on the same show.
    KG replies: I saw it when every musician in the blogosphere was linking to it, which is why I didn’t. It’s astounding.