Performances on the Fly

Given everything else, including a return to teaching after 13 months, I haven’t been able to keep track of performances of my music lately. This Saturday, February 2, the wonderful Sarah Cahill is playing my On Reading Emerson at the Berkeley Arts Festival, along with works by Terry Riley, Stephen Blumberg, and others. “The new Arts Festival location is on Shattuck Avenue in downtown Berkeley. Details TBA at” The Relache ensemble played “Venus” from The Planets (mine, not Holst’s) as background for a silent film this week, and I ran across a reference to a performance of Private Dances that I didn’t know about. I mention all this largely because my blog is the easiest place for me to keep all my résumé items in case I ever redo my résumé again. Please drop me a line if you play something, but feel free to download it from my web site and play it!

UPDATE: Sarah adds:

Thanks for mentioning the concert, Kyle. Along with your On Reading
Emerson, I’m playing the premiere of Evan Ziporyn’s solo piano arrangement
of Colin McPhee’s Balinese Ceremonial Music, Peter Garland’s Waves Breaking
on Rocks
(2003), Stephen Blumberg’s Numina (2007), Terry Riley’s Fandango on the Heaven Ladder (1994), and the U.S. premieres of three of Mamoru
Fujieda’s new Patterns of Plants, which have only been played on clavichord
in Tokyo so far.

UPDATE: Pianist Mabel Kwan has contacted me to let me know that that was her performance of Private Dances at the Heaven Gallery in Chicago on January 27. And she’s also playing On Reading Emerson in Lexington! Very nice, because I consider Chicago a second home town, and I don’t think any of my music had been heard there since the mid-’80s.


  1. says

    Sarah’s concert last night was wonderful and well receieved by about 50 brave souls who came out on a rainy and blustery night in downtown Berkeley. These Berkely Arts Festival concerts are held in abandoned storefronts. This one was in an old Gateway Computer store. And upstairs was where KPFA had its studios for about 3 decades before moving to its own building.
    The nice thing about these concerts is the informality. It was great.
    KG replies: Thanks for the report, Richard.