Feldman, Ross, and Gann, Together Again

As I off to the airport, I leave a reminder that Alex Ross and I will be going mano a mano in Seattle this weekend, to settle once and for all which of us can lavish more fulsome praise on the other, while each subtly trying to make his own book sound like the better read. The details about the Seattle Chamber Players’ Icebreaker festival, which is hosting us, can be found at their web site. “Alex Ross and his World” day is all day Friday (tomorrow) starting at 10 AM at On the Boards, 100 W. Roy Street, and “The Parallel Universe of Kyle Gann” is Saturday, same place and time. Sunday is the showdown at which we fight to show who can describe Morton Feldman in more scintillatingly piquant terms, and then the SCP has a Feldman marathon. I’ll be seeing so many old friends that I’m sure I’ll end up photo-blogging the event. If you’re around, come see me and get in the picture!


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    For what it’s worth, I have a prominent display for your book in the classical section of my store.
    I must admit that it started out as a display of Alex’s book, but we have it displayed in other places too, so I decided to spread the respect.