Attack of the New-Music Papparazzi

SEATTLE – What a fantastic and warm group of artists we got to Seattle for a three-day love- and music-fest. I forget how good a concert can be when I pick the composers myself. Plus, I met a lot of younger composers I’d only heard of. More about all that later when I’m not running through snow for the airport. For now:

Judd Greenstein, Nico Muhly, Alexandra Gardner (Alex Ross’s crowd):


William Brittelle looking totally characteristic, Anna Clyne:


Elena Dubinets and Bill Brittelle in background, and the Rossmeister, captured with sparks coming out of his brain:


Janice Giteck and Stewart Demspter


Bill Duckworth and John Adams together again, Arthur Sabatini mediating, with DJ Tamara to the side and Nora Farrell invisibly in there somewhere:


Max Giteck-Duykers with wife Rebecca, local young composer Lena, and composer-mother Janice:


Trimpin, John Shaw of Utopian Turtletop fame, me, and Elodie Lauten:


And inevitably, when we got to the closing party at cellist David Sabee’s house, one found the host’s cat curled up in the usual posture. I’m sure that the fact that he’s sound asleep is no commentary; probably just finished reading the last chapter and is resting contentedly:


Among the other composers, Eve Beglarian couldn’t be there, and I don’t know where Mason Bates was whenever I had my camera out. But I’ll tell you the photo I missed, which would have spelled a major upheaval in the the blogosphere. One morning I walked into my hotel and met Alex Ross coming out of the hotel gym all sweaty in his running shorts. Had I had my camera out and ready, it would have meant the end of classical music as we know it.


  1. says

    arthur sabatini makes the best red sauce I’ve ever had. I’m almost catching up . Lynn says “your red sauce just keeps getting better”
    Thanks to Sabatini
    but kyle, a calico is always female – no exceptions. know your cats, and know your red sauce.

  2. Eric Bruskin says

    Not necessarily, Art. The best and most engaging explanation is in a book called “Cats Are not Peas” by Laura Gould, whose husband is Severo Ornstein, son of the late great Leo. I believe it’s about to be reprinted.