Make My Day

I’m not a violent or a cat-photographing person, but sometimes a man can just be pushed too far.


UPDATE: My son helpfully points out that it looks like I just Photoshopped my book into a generic picture of a cat. The physical setup is admittedly odd: the book is leaning against a sliding glass door whose bottom frame is hidden by a piece of carpet used as a mud-guard that tends to curl up at the door. If you look closely you can see the top of the book reflecting in the glass. It would have been nice if Ruby (the cat is named for the guy who shot Lee Harvey Oswald) had sat there patiently while I rearranged the mud-guard, but I was lucky just to get him to sit next to my book. He hates Downtown music, preferring Purrcell.


  1. says

    A handsome feline to be sure, but his (her?) coat clashes with the book jacket. I think Alex Shapiro started all of this cat business on her blog “Notes from the Kelp”.
    KG replies: Damn, we bought that cat specifically to go well with the book cover!