Independent Confirmation

Peter Cherches has written, for NYU’s Fales library, a research guide to Downtown music, concentrating on the years 1971-1987. I started at the Village Voice in 1986, so this is yet more confirmation that the Downtown scene existed and was well recognized as such long before I came along and started writing about it. In order to get more data from readers, he’s also started a blog on the subject. At the Voice I covered the “classical,” more new-music side of the scene, but Cherches covers the jazz and punk rock areas as well. Got a problem with Downtown music? Take it up with Peter Cherches now. Go tell him there’s no such thing.

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  1. says

    I don’t know, Kyle. I first saw New York while driving through the city on family vacations in the 1970s, and I don’t recall any “downtown.” There were mostly meadows and patches of forest below 14th Street, with the odd farmhouse here and there.
    KG replies: …and outdoors people were playing symphonies on electric guitars with very long extension chords, come on, Alex, finish the description.