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I love, and by “love” I mean “am nearly made physically ill by,” this paragraph that’s been added to the Wikipedia entry on Downtown music:

The term “downtown music” can mean something entirely different, depending on the type of downtown a city has. For example, in a city with a very historic downtown, the associated music is generally popular music from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s charachterized [sic] by smooth vocals, prominent use of string instruments, and often a very important role for the background singers. In a more stereotypical “inner city” type of downtown, the term can refer to hip-hop and rap.

It’s difficult to tell whether this is a put-on, or whether the guy thinks he’s making an actual contribution. But hey, kids, Wikipedia is the new paradigm for knowledge! Get used to it!

UPDATE: Ah – the writer appears to have been banned from Wikipedia for adding nonsense to several sites, and subsequent to my posting, these lines were quickly removed. But, superficially plausible as they looked, on what authority could a knowledgeable expert have removed them himself?


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    Er… I’m not sure that would even survive disambiguation, or whatever it is that they call it on Wikipedia.
    Guess I’ll head on over to the “uptown music” article to clarify that really it is largely limited to the oeuvre (and tasteful covers) of Billy Joel’s output.