Lees het Nederlands, Iedereen? (Read Dutch, Anyone?)


UPDATE: Thanks to those who offered to translate: I took the first person up on it. As for reading the fine print, you can drag the image to your desktop and it will open as a much larger image (at least this works on my Mac).


  1. Jun-Dai says

    ‘Ik wilde iets virtuoos schrijven’
    Did you really say that Kyle? And did you mean it?

    (what does that translate to, anyhow?)
    KG replies: According to an internet translation program I found, it means “I want something virtuoso letter.” I could have said it, I was stoned out of my gourd.

  2. stefaan says

    I speak dutch; it translates more or less as;
    “I didn’t want to let the chance of writing something really virtuosic go by”
    KG replies: Dank u wel.

  3. Matt Vermeulen says

    I believe it says “Police widen search for American composer.”
    KG replies: Mm-hmm.