Across Oceans and Time Zones

Today I’m giving a lecture on Nancarrow’s late player piano studies at the Royal Conservatory in Aarhus, courtesy of expatriate American composer Wayne Siegel, whose music I’ve been following for more than a couple of decades now. I suppose it’s not an event open to the public, but I’m not sure.

One that is open, though, will be a performance at the Weis Center at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA, this Friday night at 8. Lois Svard, assisted by pianists Megan Rowland and Anja Wade, will play my Long Night for three pianos. Although Sarah Cahill’s recording came out a couple of years ago, the piece hasn’t been performed publicly since New Music America 1982 – which, coincidentally, was the festival Wayne Siegel and I were both on. Lois is also playing solo works by two of my best friends, William Duckworth and George Tsontakis. I call the concert “Kyle Gann and His World.” They don’t.

I, however, will be in Amsterdam by that point. And my next performance is October 9 at the Karnatic Lab there. I’ll give you details later.


  1. says

    Last July I was traveling without my CDs and I wanted to hear Long Night, which I hadn’t put on my laptop. Forunately, when I logged on to the Rhapsody music service, Long Night was there and I enjoyed listening to it. I also enjoyed the fact that it was categorized as “Alternative/Punk” and the sevice listed an album by Bob Marley as being similar. What am I missing?
    KG replies: Maybe it’s me who’s missing a marketing opportunity here.

  2. Megan says

    A friend pointed me to your site when he saw your post about the Bucknell performance. I was one of the pianists that performed your “Long Night.”
    Let me say that it was a pleasure and the audience thoroughly enjoyed it! It was my first ever three-piano experience – so thank you for writing it. Take care!
    KG replies: Thanks for getting in touch, Megan! I’m so glad to hear it went well. You beat Lois in letting me know. And thanks for playing, it’s really nice to have that piece in circulation again.