When Bloggers Dine

I just had dinner with Alex Ross, here for the Bard Festival. My conversation is greatly inhibited these days because any story I tell, the response tends to be, “Oh yeah, I read that on your blog,” so it suddenly occurred to me as we sat down that, since Alex and I read each other every day, we wouldn’t have a thing to say to each other. But we both thought for awhile and came up with some news we hadn’t blogged about.

Geez, now I can’t start a conversation by telling anyone I had dinner with Alex Ross. As Alex said, “Maybe we need to be a bit more mysterious.”


  1. says

    The only way this could get more hall-of-mirror-ish is if Alex’s mom would comment. You know, something to the effect of, “Hi Alex!”
    I think people’s blogs do meet clandestinely, for dinner and other rendezvous. I have no idea what they talk about.

  2. Suzanne Ford says

    Surely, you don’t say everything there is to say on your blogs? Isn’t there something more on any given subject — something that’s much more interesting to say in person? Of course, it depends on the blog, but even the best (your two, for example) can’t replace the back and forth of a lively, provocative conversation. Blogs are just the start. Nice, self-referential posts, guys!
    KG replies: Whenever I do something besides sit here reading other blogs, I write a blog entry about it. How about you, Alex?