The Disklavier and I

Debra Bresnan of Yamaha has written a story about my experience with the Disklavier for Yamaha’s in-house magazine, posted on the web as well. It includes a photo of me taken recently by composer Adam Baratz, taken on my screened-in porch – where I am sitting at this moment.


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    That’s good to see. The music box is a very old and noble instrument/artform, come to think of it.
    Have you heard the Bartok player piano recordings?

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    “As a direct result of “Studies for Disklavier,” Gann has been commissioned by orchestra Volharding to write a piano concerto to premier in Amsterdam on October 31: he’s writing in a style derived from working with the Disklavier.”
    Cool! Who’s the lucky pianist? I assume this is the piano concerto you just finished?
    KG replies: Geoffrey Douglas Madge, who doesn’t seem to be well-known in the US, but I have long treasured his recordings of the complete Busoni piano music and the Opus Clavicembalisticum of Kaikhosru Sorabji.