So Where’s My T-Shirt, Already?

We have a winner! Richard made me realize the perfect term for the slow-changing music of La Monte Young, Charlemagne Palestine, Phill Niblock, early Reich and Glass, Eliane Radique, and so on, so obvious I didn’t even see it: the-music-formerly-known-as-minimalism! It’s so perfectly accurate, evocative, unmistakable, and even compresses a whole historical critique into one phrase.

Of course, the working title for my new book, formerly Music After Minimalism, is now Music After the-Music-Formerly-Known-As-Minimalism. I’m going to have a hell of a time getting it past a publisher, but hey: musicology is a cruel bitch-goddess.


  1. says

    now you just need to create an unpronounceable symbol for it and you’ll have your very own Princesque marketing coup!

  2. says

    Culture is liquid…its always changing and morphing so I don’t know if you can snapshot it so distinctly, or hedge with past references to crisp terms. Therefore, no term is probably better than something…
    If we did try and allude to a past style, perhaps its better to come up with some other taxonomy such as we do in software engineering releases…version, branch and build numbers.
    minimalizm = M v.1.5.0 beta (Build 2074)

  3. richard says

    I’ll have my lawyers contact yours to work out the financials.Ah yes, my wit will finally put me on easy street!