“He can’t eat, but he can live like a king.”

Sorry, I haven’t been blogging. Even those of us who like the limelight tire of public life occasionally, and fall into a none-of-your-business mood. I’m trying to organize my fall tour of Europe, and all I can think of is one of Groucho’s famous lines from Night at the Opera: “I figure if he doesn’t sing too often he can break even.” That’s exactly the way it looks: how many lectures and concerts can I afford to give? Not as many as I’d planned, certainly, and every one seems to add a few hundred Euros to my expenses, with the dollars piling up at an alarmingly more rapid rate. Who knew Europeans were as broke as we are? I hope to redo my PostClassic Radio playlist soon, which, with the imminent demise of internet radio, I’ve been neglecting. Other than that, the next fly I drop in everyone’s ointment may be a European one, which may make me seem… almost respectable.

UPDATE: I would like to note, though, that today you’ll see 735 given as the number of entries on my blog to date. The number seems insignificant – but 730.5 days is two years, and on August 29 (anniversary of Cage’s 4’33” premiere, and of Katrina’s attack on New Orleans) I will have been at this blog for four years. When I first started out, I doubted my ability or inclination to post frequently, but decided that if I managed to post every other day on the average, that I would count that as a respectable blog presence. I’m now enough ahead of my goal to take a couple of weeks off.


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    When we go to Germany we usually rent an apartment rather than stay in a hotel. The rates are anything from 25 to 50 Euros/day and there are other advantages. An apartment is much larger than a typical European hotel, and you ususally get a kitchen so you can shop at the local market and not eat out every meal. Also you get to meet more people from the neighborhood.
    You can find these places on-line and I expect they have them all over Europe.
    If you are going to be in Bremen I can recommend a grat apartment downtown…
    KG replies: Thanks, I did happen to find an apartment rental in Amsterdam, which had a minimum lease of a month. Now I need something for just a few days in Copenhagen.

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    thanks for the recent updates to the site: am listening to disc 5 of well-tuned piano as i type (!!).
    so internet radio is doomed? (say it isn’t so!) i’m going to go thru major post-classical withdrawal symptoms, for sure …
    KG replies: I think it’s only doomed in the sense that everything is doomed…