Looky Redux

Tuesday through Saturday of next week, August 7 through 11, the Mark Morris Dance Group will reprise Looky, the dance Mark choreographed to my Disklavier studies, at the summer dance festival at Jacob’s Pillow in the town of Becket, in western Massachusetts. Other pieces on the concert employ music by Bach, Brahms, and Stravinsky. Mark’s dances are incredibly beautiful, and, as his reputation attests, intimately derived from the music he chooses.


  1. mclaren says

    I’d be willing to bet hard cash that every one of those “impossible rhythms” you had to notate in Sibelius was translated into dance quickly and effortlessly.
    Moreover, I’m further willing to bet that within 15 years, a human ensemble will perform selections from your Nude Rolling Down An Escalator live, in concert.