You Can Apparently Dance to It

MarkMorris.jpgOne of my coolest gigs ever begins a week from tonight. Mark Morris (pictured) has choreographed a dance called Looky to five of my Disklavier studies, and it’s being presented at the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston. Performances are May 15, 17, 18, 19, and 20, and I’ll refer you there for location and times. Because the commission was for a Museum (the ICA), Mark has supposedly made the dance about looking at paintings in a museum, thus the title Looky – cute, huh? Mark is famous for using live music for his dances, and this will be presumably the first dance involving a “live” Disklavier as accompaniment. (Even Yamaha, who makes Disklaviers, has gotten involved in publicity, which is more than they’d do for my CD last year.) The other composers represented on the program – and pardon me for savoring this for a moment, since I may never get to write another sentence like this in my life – the other composers represented on the program are Schumann, Stravinsky, and Lou Harrison.

So eat my shorts.

Nah, I didn’t mean that.


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    I’m a constant reader (read: lurker) of your blog since quite enough time, and I’m really happy to read this. I bet your work will get some more of the attention it deserves.
    Best luck for the performance!