Easter Facelift

In this season of renewal, I have just given PostClassic Radio its most pervasive update ever, after having neglected it lately. Sixty percent of the content is new as of the last couple of days, with pieces never heard on the station before by Andrea La Rose, Miguel Frasconi, Ben Neill, Hirokazu Hiraishi, Michael Hicks, Maria Panayotova, Elodie Lauten, Jessica Krash, David Lang, Mary Jane Leach, Belinda Reynolds, Adam Baratz, John Halle, Carolyn Yarnell, Randall Woolf, Matt McBane, Per Norgard, Ira J. Mowitz, Ed Harsh, Marc Mellits, Dan Goode, Steven Sametz, Todd Levin, Harry Partch, Meredith Monk, Rhys Chatham, Fred Ho, Kevin Volans, John Morton, Nick Drake, James Tenney, Paul Lansky, Michael Finnissy, and myself. Some of the stuff is brand new CDs: notably the new disc Tic by the Common Sense collective (can you pick their names out of the list above?) and several dynamite tracks from International Cloud Atlas, Mikel Rouse’s music for a recent Merce Cunningham dance. Also a 73-minute excerpt from Feldman’s For Philip Guston; it’s always been a plan of mine to program the five-hour piece complete, and also The Well-Tuned Piano, but maybe it’s not such a good idea. Who knows how long I’ll be able to keep the station going? Depending on what Congress does about the copyright, this could easily be my last update. I wrote letters to Senators Clinton and Schumer, and we’ll see what happens. Meanwhile, there’s more than ten hours of new music to accompany your egg hunt tomorrow.


  1. X. J. Scott says

    Kyle, I like the pieces on your station. Many could be played on an ambient station as acoustic ambient, or played at a chill out room at a metropolitan rave.
    The live365 site’s user experience has become a bit off-putting though with the loud advertisements and the frequent auto-signing out from the station.