New on Internet Radio

I’ve been very much enjoying New Music Box’s new Counterstream Radio Station (click “Listen to Radio” in the upper right-hand corner), though I haven’t yet heard Sarah Cahill’s double interview with Bjork and Meredith Monk. I have heard a lot of lovely new music, though. And I thought there was very little overlap with my PostClassic Radio station, until John Cage’s Dream came on, the piano vignette that is a similar companion piece to his In a Landscape, my signature piece on PostClassic Radio. For one brief moment, I suspected they were stealing my aura. But the more good new music we have out there, the better, and they’re explicitly going for a wider range than I am.


  1. says

    Sounds a lot like MUSIC FROM OTHER MINDS too. Nice to hear something on Counterstream that I played months ago on MFOM.
    Now I have something to switch over to when PostClassic is playing Meridith Monk! :-)